First Night Reception

Her Excellency Sarah Dennis, New Zealand Ambassador to France, with Ian Conrich, NZSA Chair.

(left to right) Isabel Ollivier and Mary Fenwick.

(left to right) Anthony Carrigan and Matt Basso.

(left to right) Brian McDonnell, Matthew O'Meagher and Simon Sigley.

(left to right) Sue Ryan, Khyla Russell and Judy Bennett.

Sir Graeme Davies, Vice-Chancellor of the University of London, and recipient of the Rahera Windsor Award for New Zealand Studies, holds aloft his prize of a piece of stained glass art, designed by Kathy Shaw.

Delegates at the K'Fé court buffet that followed the reception.

The post reception buffet: (left to right) Roger Collins, Allan Philipson, Anthony Carrigan, and Michelle Keown.